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WordPress is our first big love. That’s why, as a WordPress agency, we have the experience, the know-how and the creativity to create the perfect WordPress website for you. As a problem solver, optimizer and solution finder, we look outside the box. Only your GO is missing.

Key facts

490 WordPress websites
12 years experience
2005 Founding year


Why us?

A 5-minute brainstorming session.

1. How well am I found?

  • The first contact is made via the search engine. How am I listed there?
  • What does the customer find out in the first line of my Google listing?

2. How well do I know my visitors?

  • How do I know who clicked on my page?
  • Which analysis tools do I use?
  • Do I know on which page how many visitors are staying for how long?
  • Do I record a video in the Inquiry / Purchase process to learn more?
  • Do I use split testing (A / B testing) to measure the optimal variant?
  • Do I keep track of which company visited my website to actively post it?
  • Do I offer the option of callback forms, life chats, contact forms, exit popups?

3. Do I use all the technical possibilities?

  • Do I use a modern CMS to perform extensions, changes, and tests?
  • Is my design responsive, i. optimized for smartphones and tablets?
  • Is the loading time optimized?
  • Is my site search engine optimized?

4. Does my page fit stylistically and legally?

  • Does my web design fit my corporate identity?
  • Is my website legally watertight?

5. Is my website prepared for inquiries?

  • How do I manage inquiries via the contact form?
  • Do I use the possibility of automatic answers or accompanying info mails?

6. What happens after the order?

  • Have I automated processes, such as transferring customer data or reconciling payments?

7. Can I integrate mobile devices into my process?

  • Do my employees use the possibilities of mobile devices to optimize their processes?

8. Can I track my products?

  • Do I use worldwide GPS tracking of my shipped products?

9. How safe is my site?

  • Which measures protect my website and thus my company against misuse?
  • What measures have I implemented to comply with data protection?

10. Am I where everyone is: in the social networks?

  • Do I maintain my Facebook presences, Instagram and Twitter presences?
  • Do I post regularly?
  • Do I use marketing controlling tools to control the success of my budget?
  • Questions about questions. Our cooperation is based on finding the right answers for you.


A small basic technology course from your WordPress agency PlatinPower

Even at the risk that you will be a little dizzy, we explain briefly here, which technologies we use.

We work with WordPress, develop individual themes “from scratch”, with roots.io and support from Grunt, LESS / SASS and use SEO knowledge in the implementation.

Heatmaps and mousetracking tools are indispensable in the further analysis and implementation of A / B testing.

Thought of 404 link checker? Each code is documented, PHP documented with PHPdoc and written based on the appropriate PSR, planned in JIRA and e.g. documented in Confluence, while our time tracking is running.

For enhancements and connectivity, we work with Java, C ++, C # developers, and app developers.

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